Knit One … Wait Two! More Delays!

When I received a phone call from Dave Shaw today asking me to look into delaying David Campbell’s return flight, I knew that it wasn’t good news.  It seems now that the first container, the one with the forms and re-bar for the cement pour and the poultry barn itself, will not arrive until Monday, and even then it’s contents may not be released right away!  So for all of the delegates arriving over the next few days it means a lot of waiting.  It also means we will have a lot less time to accomplish all of the things we need to do.  On the other hand we are all good at working under pressure!  I am getting really anxious to get underway and join the group.  I guess my timing will work out perfectly since I will be traveling over the weekend and arrive in Chausy on Sunday evening ready to work Monday morning!  In the meantime, here is another update from Margaret.

Eric McKenzie

Margaret’s Blog – Thursday March 24, 2011

It was another rainy day.  It was so windy that we asked for a ride to the Orphanage.  David and Murray had wanted to walk carrying the shovels over their shoulders.  Our initial gravel request was denied.  Murray and David dug in the mud (really the children did the digging) and buried tubing for the future water line.  Vitali, the Orphanage Director, was busy on the phone trying to obtain gravel from other sources.  By the end of the day, we had one load of gravel with 2 more coming tomorrow.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon with the children knitting and crocheting.  The boys were fascinated in how I held my knitting needles and I showed them how I knit.  Then I practiced how they knit.  It was quite interesting.  I could not get over how quickly the students’ hands move.  They are very good at it.

The children spend a few hours after school working on chosen activities.  Some go to the library, some play sports (the ice from the rink is now gone), some have music lessons or do crafts.  The children asked me to stay late.  As long as I was with them, they wouldn’t be called to do their homework!  Children are the same everywhere.

This is some of the handiwork done by the children.

Margaret Campbell

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  1. Patricia Burns

    Seeing the pictures makes me wish I was there in spite of the snow and mud. Hopefully the container will be released quickly and David can get busy building the chicken barn.

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