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Rotary Clubs “Day of the Angel Party”

One of the highlights for the Canadians every trip is the “Day of the Angel Party”.  The Rotary Clubs of Brockville have been supporting the celebration of Birthdays twice a year for this special group of children.  They also provide medical assistance and special needs to help improve the quality of life and have been doing so for the past eight years!  This local group is here to help support the “Families of Invalid Children” and is headed up by an amazing woman, Irina Denisyenko (seen at the right in the photo below).

On behalf of the Rotarians, Dave Shaw (seen above) addressed the children and their families expressing Continue reading

Knit One … Wait Two! More Delays!

When I received a phone call from Dave Shaw today asking me to look into delaying David Campbell’s return flight, I knew that it wasn’t good news.  It seems now that the first container, the one with the forms and re-bar for the cement pour and the poultry barn itself, will not arrive until Monday, and even then it’s contents may not be released right away!  So for all of the delegates arriving over the next few days it means a lot of waiting.  It also means we will have a lot less time to accomplish all of the things we need to do.  On the other hand we are all good at working under pressure!  I am getting really anxious to get underway and join the group.  I guess my timing will work out perfectly since I will be traveling over the weekend and arrive in Chausy on Sunday evening ready to work Monday morning!  In the meantime, here is another update from Margaret.

Eric McKenzie

Margaret’s Blog – Thursday March 24, 2011

It was another rainy day.  It was so windy that we asked for a ride to the Orphanage.  David and Murray had wanted to walk carrying the shovels over their shoulders.  Our initial gravel request was denied.  Murray and David dug in the mud (really the children did the digging) and buried tubing for the future water line.  Vitali, the Orphanage Director, was busy on the phone trying to obtain gravel from other sources.  By the end of the day, we had one load of gravel with 2 more coming tomorrow.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon with the children knitting and crocheting.  The boys were fascinated in how I Continue reading

Winning at the Waiting Game!

I have to say that Margaret is doing a great job sending me these blog postings.  It is really helpful for me to keep up with what is happening so I will be up to speed when I arrive and I am sure that everyone else is enjoying them as well.  Remember to feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments, it helps give us direction as to what you want to see or hear outside of our daily activities and projects.  If you are a Facebook user, please click on the “Share” link on the left side of the page to help spread the word!

Margaret’s Blog – Wednesday March 23, 2011

The day started with rain and drizzle.  We met at 9:30 and visited the children at the Khatskovichi Day Care.  We’ve been helping this Day Care for 3 years.

Last year we left funds to purchase new beds for the children.  The previous beds were Continue reading