I’m Back!

I returned home this past weekend and my trip was fabulous! I promise to have some video posted very soon. Several people have e-mailed me asking when I will start posting and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on it. I captured over 11 hours of video during my trip and am starting to work my way through it. I plan to have my first video posted by this weekend. I recently sent out an e-mail to the members of Canadian Aid for Chernobyl with this comment:

“Well I just got back from Belarus and what an amazing trip it was! It was the most incredible adventure of my life. The people are absolutely wonderful and the experience was fantastic! The entire trip was a study in contrasts; you are driving down a 4 lane highway being passed by a BMW while you are passing a horse and wagon. You are delivering a food box to a house in the middle of nowhere that does not have running water … and your interpreter’s cell phone rings. You are climbing the steps in an apartment building almost overcome by the smell of cat urine and you step into an apartment that is spotlessly clean and neat. It is an experience that I will tell my grandchildren about (no … I don’t have any yet!). I captured 11 hours of video tape and am working on ways of sharing it (I will be posting something this week to my Blog www.ericmckenzie.com/vlog). It is hard for most of us to conceive the difference we can actually make in someones life with a very small gesture until you witness it first hand. You should all know that the things we do collectively as Canadian Aid for Chernobyl are making tremendous differences in peoples lives and are truly appreciated. If everyone in this world was to make a friend on the other side of the planet, I truly believe we could accomplish world peace! “People are people wherever you go.”


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