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Evacuation Zone & “Day of the Angel” Party Mar 30/06

First of all this post has taken a lot longer to prepare than I anticipated, so from here on expect 3 – 4 weeks between posts. If you haven’t already, click on subscribe up above and add your e-mail address to the list, this way you will be notified by e-mail anytime I post a new video. I have made a major change in the way I am posting my video, I have switched from QuickTime to Flash. I am hoping that all of the people who were having trouble getting QuickTime to work will now be able to see the videos (I have converted all of the earlier posts as well). If anyone runs into a problem and is unable to see a video, please e-mail me right away so I can help you resolve it. If you don’t have the most recent version of Flash, it should ask you to update and it is a very quick download (less than 1 minute) and you don’t have to run any install programs. Now that I have that out of the way …

On the morning of my 3rd day in Belarus while eating my breakfast of pasta and ham with tea, Sasha and I discussed our homes and the differences, methods of heating, cooking, amount of land etc, of course since we don’t speak the same language we did it using a Russian/English dictionary and drawing pictures. It was fun and informative … and we laughed quite a bit!

That night I didn’t get home until almost 10:30. My family was still up watching TV and waiting for me. I went through the photo album that we had sent home with Kristina from her visits to Canada and explained who everyone was. They fed me again, it was sort of like a crepe, folded in half with a sour cream filling and of course tea. Didn’t get to bed till around 12:30.

Most of what happened in between is in the following video …. enjoy!


Michelle Valberg’s Photographic Presentation

This video post is a copy of Michelle Valberg‘s photographic presentation. Michelle is an award-winning Canadian photographer who’s work has appeared in several magazines, two self-published books (one a national bestseller) as well as hanging in 24 Sussex Drive. She has lent her talent to many charities and accompanied us on this trip to Belarus. Michelle not only created this presentation, but put together an exhibit of 30 of her photographs (now on display in her gallery) that she is donating to CAC. Her pictures are visually stunning and she manages to capture powerful emotions and feelings. Enjoy this video, but if you get the opportunity to see the originals or the original presentation in full size, please do, as this little screen with lower resolution does not give the full impact.


If you can’t see the video you need Flash Player 8, click here to get it. Reboot your computer once it is installed

Chausy Hospital & Mogilev Orphanage for Girls – Mar 29/06 Part 2

This post continues March 29th with a tour of the Chausy Hospital and then on to Mogilev to see the Orphanage for girls. While in Mogilev we visited a department store, this was quite different from a Canadian Department store, it was on 2 levels and was more like an indoor market, with each section of the store having it’s own cash register. There was a money exchange booth there and I converted $100 U.S. to Belarussian Rubles. For every U.S. dollar I received approximately 2,160,000 Rubles, the government has dropped the last 3 zeros so it read as 2,160 rubles. This made for some interesting calculations when trying to figure out the cost of items in Canadian terms.

Back home in Chausy my dinner was ground beef wrapped in pastry and served with some ham slices and bread, cookies and chocolates for dessert. Sasha, Kristina and I played a Russian card game and watched some Russian TV while Sveta continued knitting her sweater.

Enjoy the video,


PS: In the next installment we attend a reception with the Mayor of Chausy, take a drive out to the evacuated zone and go to a party for “invalid children” and their families.