Evacuation Zone & “Day of the Angel” Party Mar 30/06

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On the morning of my 3rd day in Belarus while eating my breakfast of pasta and ham with tea, Sasha and I discussed our homes and the differences, methods of heating, cooking, amount of land etc, of course since we don’t speak the same language we did it using a Russian/English dictionary and drawing pictures. It was fun and informative … and we laughed quite a bit!

That night I didn’t get home until almost 10:30. My family was still up watching TV and waiting for me. I went through the photo album that we had sent home with Kristina from her visits to Canada and explained who everyone was. They fed me again, it was sort of like a crepe, folded in half with a sour cream filling and of course tea. Didn’t get to bed till around 12:30.

Most of what happened in between is in the following video …. enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Evacuation Zone & “Day of the Angel” Party Mar 30/06

  1. Jim Boone

    Eric well done with bringing the personal and emotional stories.I can only imagine what it was like there.With your vlogs we can see how things are there and how lucky we all are.

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