Arrival in Belarus – Mar 28/06

This is the first in a series of posts that will cover my experiences during my trip through the use of video. Some of the shots are taken through the window of a moving vehicle. This was necessary as I couldn’t hold up the real reason we were there and ask the drivers to stop everytime I needed a shot. In this way you really are experiencing Belarus the way I did.

This post covers my arrival in Belarus, my trip to the Village of Chausy as well as a tour of my host family’s home. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned … the next post will bring you a tour of the Chausy Orphanage that many of our “summer children” come from.


5 thoughts on “Arrival in Belarus – Mar 28/06

  1. debbie brooks

    We enjoyed the video Eric, looking forward to part 2!! Don’t leave anything out!! Deb & Doug

  2. Vivien Levermore

    Very moving, it is too bad that a lot of the youth of Canada could not get a chance to view the conditions and realize the absolute “heaven” we have in Ontario, especially in such a small and safe city as Brockville, thanks to Byron & Cathy for forwarding your VBLOG

  3. Byron Boone

    Hi Eric
    So glad you could come on this trip. Dispite having been to Belarus many times, your first episode brought tears to our eyes. What a great way to show your veiwers whats up with Canadian Aid For Chernobyl and why we do what we do.
    Byron and Cath

  4. Jim Boonej

    Eric really like what you did and could really get a feel of what it is like to live there.Looking forward for your next episode please do it soon.Booneyvlog

  5. cally

    Beautifully done and I eagerly await the next episode. I love this sort of armchair travel. Thank you so much for sharing.

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