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Winning at the Waiting Game!

I have to say that Margaret is doing a great job sending me these blog postings.  It is really helpful for me to keep up with what is happening so I will be up to speed when I arrive and I am sure that everyone else is enjoying them as well.  Remember to feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments, it helps give us direction as to what you want to see or hear outside of our daily activities and projects.  If you are a Facebook user, please click on the “Share” link on the left side of the page to help spread the word!

Margaret’s Blog – Wednesday March 23, 2011

The day started with rain and drizzle.  We met at 9:30 and visited the children at the Khatskovichi Day Care.  We’ve been helping this Day Care for 3 years.

Last year we left funds to purchase new beds for the children.  The previous beds were Continue reading