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Boxes Released and Delivery Underway

We have finally received the release of our product from Customs and have been able to get delivery underway. It is amazing the excitement and appreciation that can be generated from a box of food, but for these families whose winter preserves and been depleted, they are a godsend. Here a young family looks through the contents of their box.

I was lucky enough to go out with some of our younger delegates and it is wonderful to see the care and concern of this generation.  Continue reading

Dedication to Donald Baillie Green

Today the renovated Children’s Ward at the Chausy Hospital was dedicated in memory of Don Green of Brockville. The following mural of the 1000 Islands was hung on the wall with the inscription “This Paediatric Ward is dedicated in memory of a dear friend and philanthropist Donald Baillie Green. Brockville, Ontario, Canada”

The renovation was done in partnership with the Chausy Administration and the Green Family Foundation Continue reading

A Day of Celebration

Today was party day in Chausy! We started the day with the entire delegation meeting at a local restaurant for our “Day of the Angel” party.  Here is the delegation on the front steps.

This party is held twice per year and celebrates the birthdays of half of the children in the local “Organisation for Families with Invalid Children”. Continue reading