Boxes Released and Delivery Underway

We have finally received the release of our product from Customs and have been able to get delivery underway. It is amazing the excitement and appreciation that can be generated from a box of food, but for these families whose winter preserves and been depleted, they are a godsend. Here a young family looks through the contents of their box.

I was lucky enough to go out with some of our younger delegates and it is wonderful to see the care and concern of this generation.  Here I am with Stephen Joudoin, Masha (a local girl who came to Canada and whose village we are delivering to), Riley Shaw and Anya our interpreter (another girl who also came to Canada as a child). We are packed into a small van with a lot of boxes and our driver Igor.

There are lots of things to see that are unusual to us Canadians like the many storks that have nested on the tops of hydro poles and water towers.

Horses being used for transportation are still a common site.

Although many people are replacing the horses with these small two wheel tractors as they are more practical and versatile.

Here is Stephen delivering a box to a house near the village of Ustiye.

These children were part of a blended family with 6 children.

Another family very happy to receive this wonderful help from Canada.

We have teams spread out all over the region and are trying to make fast work of getting the aid delivered.  Our delegates will be heading home over the next week and there is still plenty to do.  Stay tuned for lots more!

Eric McKenzie