Stars Come Out at the Chausy Orphanage!

On Tuesday, the children at the Chausy orphanage were surprised by a visit from a very popular band.  Two members of the popular group IOWA, which is currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia, but originally from Belarus, stopped in to meet the girls who used one of their songs in a lip-dub video.  Here is Karina with Katya and Lonya.


This band is not only huge in Belarus and Russia, but they performed at the Sochi Olympics and Katya has recently voiced the lead in a cartoon movie that is now out in Russian movie theatres.  Not only did they sing some songs, but the also presented the kids with some of their music to sing.  They told them about their own childhood and explained that they are just normal people like all of them.  They really inspired the children as they explained that if they believe in themselves, have a goal in life, study hard, follow their dreams, their lives will change for the better!


Of course they autographed pictures for all of the children as well.



All of this started when Sarah Lewis was in Chausy with us in April and worked with three girls, Karina, Katya and Yanna to produce a lip-dub video.  At that time they selected a song called “Smile” by IOWA.  One of our interpreters, Nina, went to school with Katya, the lead singer, and sent her a note about the project.  Here is the lip-dub video that the girls produced.

Here is a message sent by one of the students to Nina (translated):

“lOWA group came to our school !! Children could not wait to see them!!!! As soon as they entered the gym, we all clapped so loud )) 😃 👏 Katya told us about her childhood, about how her career began. As well we met Lonya (band singer and guitar player), and their friend.  We all listened carefully, they gave us a sea of ​​emotions. We got signatures on their photo.😝 They sang songs together 😄 she presented us with their music, 😊it was incredible! We were so happy that it happened to us.!”

What a wonderful and motivating day for these children, we too are so happy that it happened to them, they deserve it!

Eric McKenzie

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  1. Connie Lou Sebast

    It is amazing how blessed these children are as a result of some people caring!

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