Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Perfect Send-Off!

Today is my last day in Belarus and it was definitely a full one.  Dave and I started our day with a meeting with the Mayor of the Chausy Region.  We filled him in on where we were with various initiatives and requested his commitment on initiatives going forward.  Mayor Anatoly is a man who cares deeply for his region and the people who live there.  He was very interested to partner with us and to commit to helping where he is able.  This is the municipal office at the city square.

Next we met with Elena, a woman who is involved in many areas of Continue reading

Final Deliveries to Mogilev

Jon and I headed to Mogilev today to deliver the third and final load of family parcels there.  Although it is a large city of 360,000 people (third largest in Belarus) it is a real blend of new buildings and many sections of houses that were part of outlying villages and still have dirt roads!  This can make it very difficult to find addresses, but we managed to get all of the deliveries completed.

I don’t have a lot of delivery photos but I took a few that will give you a look into some of the sights we saw today.  This first one is a strange looking tractor that was spraying a field.  It was going really fast and looked very maneuverable for its size.

This is one of the streets that I Continue reading