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Deliveries are Underway!

Everything really started to roll today!  On top of local pick-up and delivery of family parcels to the Chausy area, we got started on the Social Service runs today.  We set up 5 teams, each consisting of 2 Canadians, an interpreter, a social services employee and a driver from Social Services.  We split up by region and went out to deliver food boxes to impoverished families and seniors.  The recipients are picked by the local social services workers based on need, the quantity is determined by the number of food boxes that we sell during our spring drive.  Here Tracy Yuille, Dave Shaw, Rhona Dixon, Cathy Boone and our interpreter Natasha, meet with the Social Services workers to organize the deliveries.

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Groceries and Good News!

Today was a quiet day while we waited for permission to deliver.  The delegates did a variety of things which included visiting with family, shopping and banking to change money. A few of us went to Mogilev to take a few computers from the orphanage to the computer store for repairs or parts.

We had been having problems with sparks popping out of the fireplace in the Malcomson House for Family Living and we were unable to find a fireplace screen as open hearth fireplaces are pretty much non-existent around here.  We explained what we were looking for and one of our drivers went home and made one for us.  He also made us a poker for the fire as well.

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