Containers are Loaded and On Their Way!

It has been a very busy time getting ready for this trip.  We loaded the containers on Monday and Tuesday this week and they have now started their journey to Belarus.  Here a group of our volunteers, including Alex McKenzie, Pat Yuille, Ron Karas, Ed Grady  and Jason Gaudin, fill every nook and cranny to make sure we fit everything in.

We are taking 2 – 40 foot containers this year and both were filled to capacity.  Here our group of tired yet happy volunteers pose in front of the final load. (Alex McKenzie, Eric McKenzie, Dave Shaw, Cathy Boone, Stephen MacKinnon, Murray Ferguson, Ed Grady and John Schuler)

Next we prepare export papers and import papers as well as visa applications for all of the delegates who will travel in March to meet the containers and hand deliver the contents.  After this trip we will have delivered 119 containers, 4 Fire Trucks, an Ambulance, a van and more than $29 million in aid since 1998.  Since we are 100% volunteer driven and we personally deliver all of the aid you can rest assured that every dollar donated to any of our programs reaches its intended recipient, not too many charities can offer that!  Thank you all for your support, together we are making a tremendous difference.

Eric McKenzie

5 thoughts on “Containers are Loaded and On Their Way!

  1. richard fradette

    It’s always a special moment when we’re watching all the procedures for the boxes that we sent there.
    Thank you so much for your help so precious.
    Have a good trip in belarus!
    We went there 2 years ago and we will return in 2 years(2014).

    Richard Fradette and Chantal Blais

  2. Annis Moreau

    Another great job — now to get it all delivered! Thanks to everyone for their dedication & help – not a òne-person`job.
    Many hands make light work!

  3. Cally Tripp

    You sure are making a wonderful difference and I’m very proud of your great contributions! I am very happy to know there are such wonderful, caring people in the world!!!!!!! Cally

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