Our Orphans are 1, 2 & 3!

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After unloading the containers, Vitalli, the Chausy orphanage Director, invited us for lunch. During lunch he told us that he had just returned from a meeting in Mogilev called by the Director of Education for the Mogilev Province. This is a critical meeting for all directors as it rates not only their personal performance but the performance of the orphanage as a whole. They are rated on all aspects: academics, behaviour, acheivements, future initiatives and overall operations.

The Chausy Orphanage was rated number 2 out of the 23 orphanages in the entire province!


This in itself is amazing as they were at the bottom of the list and facing closure just a few short years ago! The orphanage that came in first, the Mogilev Orphanage for Girls, had a distinct advantage as they are a relatively new orphanage made up of the brightest and most talented girls specially chosen from all of the orphanages across the provincen!

The Kostukovichi Orphanage placed third.

What is most amazing of all is that these are the three orphanages supported by Canadian Aid for Chernobyl and our partners!!

Dave Shaw announced that this is the single most proud moment in his 10 years of involvement. To see these results proves that our efforts are having tremendous impact on these children and now it is recognized by the Belarussian Ministry of Education, the National Department of Humanitarian Aid and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The bottom line is that Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, through it’s initiatives is having a HUGE impact on these children and their future.


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  1. Susan Shaw

    Eric, what a treat to get these updates while everyone is still away. For the first time in 10 years I get an idea of what is happening over there! Everyone reading your blog gets to share in the joy and emotions of the day that you are experiencing.

    Keep them coming!
    Regards, Susan

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