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You Should be Dancing! – April 2, 2006

This was a Monday and government offices were open so paperwork could be signed and the balance of the shipment was released. Lists were passed out and everyone loaded up the trucks, vans and cars and headed out to make deliveries. I was working with Neil Matheson doing Guardian Angel deliveries but we also took social services boxes that were close by our deliveries. In the video I have tried to give you a cross section of deliveries as well as areas and sights.

Our first load went to Mogilev and while there we stopped at a department store where I picked up a couple of gifts for home as well as a teapot for my hostess. Chai (tea) is always made in the cup at my families home and I thought it would be nice to give her a teapot. I tried to explain that I really liked her tea and that the pot was not for making mine in, but rather a gift for her to enjoy. However, every cup of tea I had after that was made in this pot! I am still not sure that my message was clear. The department store was more like a multi-level mall or indoor market. Each department had it’s own cash register and you had to pay separately in each “store”.

Back home that evening we had a wonderful dinner of chicken and pasta and of course my tea was made in the new pot! The evening ended with me sitting on the couch making my notes, while Sasha and Kristina played checkers on the floor, Sveta continued her knitting and the TV played on in the background.

Enjoy the video,