Chausy Orphanage Concert – Mar 31/06 Part 1

Once again I find myself apologizing for taking so long to post (Brittany Mc, thanks for your patience). It has been a very busy summer, we had Kristina here for 10 weeks this year and it was absolutely fabulous! It was a little long for her, missing her Mom & Dad and I know it was difficult for them without Kristina for the whole summer. However, it was a jam packed summer with lots of fun. Kristina is really trying to learn English and she is doing very well.

On the morning of my 4th day in Belarus my breakfast was ravioli with meat in a sour cream and butter sauce (try it sometime … it’s good), served with bread, jam and tea. Sasha did the cooking this morning as Sveta had left early for the Orphanage to help prepare for the concert that was to be presented in our honour. While waiting for Sergei (my driver) Sasha took me for a tour of the yard around the house (seen in my first video). Although the lot is only about 40 feet wide it was surprisingly deep with a few apple trees and still full of snow from the winter. He also took me to the basement, really just a dug out dirt cellar where they would store food in the winter. At this point in March there was almost nothing left but a few jars of preserves.

This video just focuses on the wonderful concert given by the children of the Chausy orphanage, the next will be on my visit to Sasha’s parents house to meet the rest of the family … enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Chausy Orphanage Concert – Mar 31/06 Part 1

  1. Statsman

    I agree with Jim, emotional vlog.

    You’ve done another great vlog with the video and narration.

    I can’t wait to see in the future how the kid who just lets himself fall and be caught ends up doing……..maybe with some circus doing acrobatic moves or cirque du soleil

    Great job

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