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Final Day Wrap Up

I am heading home tonight and wanted to post one final time.  Today we went to visit a man with down’s syndrome who lives alone in a very remote area.  His mother passed away 1-1/2 years ago and his neighbours help to take care of him.  He is non-communicative but seems very happy.  His little home is very neat and tidy.  Colin had visited him last year and noticed that he was wearing home-made shoes so he wanted to return and bring him a new pair. We also picked up a few groceries.  Here is Colin with Victor.

We met with the Director of the Chausy hospital yesterday in Mogilev at the

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Hospital Update and School Library Deliveries

Many of the Canadians have headed home so those of us left are tidying up the last few deliveries as well as any other projects underway.

Dave and I, along with our amazing interpreter Natasha, met with the Director of the Chausy Hospital, Anatoli, and the  Deputy Mayor, Vitalli, to discuss the current project at the hospital.

In a partnership with the Chausy authorities and with funds provided by the Don and Shirley Green Family Foundation, we are helping to reconstruct Continue reading