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Wrapping Up On the Last Day!

All but 2 of the Canadians are leaving tonight and we did a lot of running around trying to tidy up loose ends today.  Pat, Colin and I made our first stop today to visit a very special family.  Valentina and Leonid have a daughter who is now 42, but requires constant care.  They are amazing parents who have dedicated their lives to her care.  Here are Pat and I on a tour of their yard and garden.


While driving today we passed a freshly plowed field with 10 storks Continue reading

The Day After 30 Years After Chernobyl

Harry and Mary Preston have continued the work that they have been doing in support of School #1 in Chausy.  Not only did they again provide some new desks and furniture items as well as badly needed school supplies,  but they also were able to purchase new music equipment for the school that was used during the concert we attended last week.  Here we see Mary and Harry in the grade 3 class room along with a couple of new microscopes as well as desks and many supplies at the back of the class.


They also brought in some geology equipment that included several
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Deliveries that Make a Difference!

Our deliveries of food boxes to the social services families are both the best and the most difficult deliveries.  These are families and seniors in very difficult circumstances.

Our first delivery was to a family with 4 children.  They live on a collective farm near Antonivka and when we arrived no one was home.  Within a few minutes the Dad showed up in a wagon pulled by a horse.  It looked like a scene from the movie “Ben-Hur” and I have to admit it looked pretty cool as he came galloping around the corner!


Most of our deliveries are to very rural homes that are on roads that look Continue reading