Our Delivery is Complete in Belarus

Despite the challenges brought about by Covid-19, including travel restrictions for our delegation, our Spring delivery has been completed!

A baby goat checks out one of our food boxes!

Fortunately, Dave Shaw was able to travel to Belarus in February to meet the containers, get everything unloaded and put things in place to ensure successful delivery even if our delegation was unable to travel. Over the years we have developed wonderful relationships with our interpreters, drivers and helpers in the Chausy region and they stepped up to get the job done!

The success of our fund raising campaign allowed us to provide food and humanitarian aid to over 700 families. Many living in extreme poverty, familiies with many children, seniors and families with children with disabilities.

With the use of personal protective equipment and social distancing practices, they established pick up times for families that minimized the number of people and enforced the 2-metre rule.

For those who were unable to pick up their parcels, our drivers loaded their vans and provided curbside delivery. Here are a few pictures of some of the happy recipients:

We also managed to distribute the many quilts that were hand-made by our local quilters, including the children of the Chausy Orphanage.

Our shoeboxes for seniors are always very well received. here are a few of the pensioners with their boxes.

Hats off to our team in Chausy, we entrusted them to get the job done, and they delivered!

Funding is in place to provide 5 families with running water and this project will move forward when it is safe to do so.

Our day-to-day livelihoods are uncertain everywhere in the world right now, but our friends in Belarus are being hit especially hard. We are so thankful that we were able to get the necessary help to those in need, even when working from home!

On behalf of the Board of Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, stay safe!

Eric McKenzie

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