Celebration and Old Friends!

Today the village of Chausy held a celebration. They have created a new park and are planting trees to honour families and citizens. A family that we provided water for last year was included as the outstanding family in the Chausy region for 2019. CAC was honoured to be included by the family and asked to attend with them. Here is Dave and our driver/interpreter Anna along with the family with 4 of their 6 children.

Dignitaries were also in attendance including the past

mayor who is seen here with the family.

There were speeches, songs, dances and the two little ones in this picture recited a poem about the importance of family, staying together and being a strong supportive family.

Each family was presented with a tree, a shovel and a ready dug hole in which to plant their tree. Here is Dave helping plant the tree.

This family was recognized as Chausy region Family of the year for 2019. They received a medal about 2 months ago for being good parents with good children and for community involvement. So wonderful to see a family we have been supporting getting local recognition.

They intend to make this an annual tradition and grow many trees that the local citizens can enjoy.

Dave also managed to have a visit with a young girl named Masha. She spent several summers with Dave and his family in Canada. Dave discovered that she had a passion for animals and managed to get her a visit with a veterinarian. Since then she has continued her education and will graduate as a veterinarian in 2 years.

We made a dash out to a village to see a girl that Margaret has been supporting since 2005. Marina was very excited to see Margaret and they had a wonderful visit.

Lots more families to see and a couple of exciting parties coming up at the beginning of the week!

Eric McKenzie