Relief from Radiation – In Country

While waiting for the release of our shipment from Customs bond we went for a drive to visit the children of the Chausy Orphanage. They are currently staying at a “sanatorium”  a little less than an hour from Chausy.  When we arrived, the children, who were outside, spotted us and came running to greet us. They were very excited that the Canadians had arrived and we received many hugs, handshakes and high fives.

All children living in the Chernobyl contaminated regions are sent outside of the region for relief from the radiation for 18 days every year. Their teachers accompany them and they continue school lessons and activities.  Here is a picture of the dormitory at this location.The sanatorium is on several hectares of land and includes several buildings along with outdoor play areas and even a small stage and performance area.

We will be holding our annual birthday party for all of the children and since they are not at the orphanage, we will bring the party to them.  While we were here, we checked out the room we will be using for the party so we can plan the decorations.

The children are very excited as the party is a real highlight for them every year.

Hopefully we will have permission to deliver on Monday, so stay tuned!

Eric McKenzie

2 thoughts on “Relief from Radiation – In Country

  1. R Patricia Capitain

    Happy Birthday to all the children at Chaussy. I hope young and old(er) will enjoy lots of treats and a fun party. Best wishes to all for good health and many, many happy moments. But also for much success in school and everything else the children will do.
    Patricia and Francois
    Ivy Lea

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