Life Saving Surgery Within Reach!

We are so excited with the response to help this little girl!  So far (including direct donations) we have raised $13,635 leaving us just under $5,000 to go to reach our goal of $18,500 to send Natasha to Moscow to have a brain tumour removed.  We are very anxious to get this money sent off to the family so if you are thinking of making a donation, please don’t wait.

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Here is Natasha (right) with her brother Matvei (6 years old ) and her baby sister Tanya.


We are not only appreciative of the members of our community but extremely proud of our youth!  Corbin Evans, who is in Grade 6 at Vanier PS, has been doing a bottle drive all weekend as well as organized a bake sale for tomorrow at his school.  Josh Craig, who is in Grade 7 at BCI has organized a bake sale for Wednesday!

If we manage to exceed our goal, all funds will stay earmarked to help support Natasha and her family for follow up care, medicine and appointments.  As always, all of the money donated will go directly to help this child, no overhead or expenses.

Here is a picture of Natasha (center) from last summer with her “Summer Sisters” Elodie and Natalie.


The Family and community of Chausy have also been very busy raising funds and to date they have raised $3,400 to be used to pay for travel and living expenses for the trip to Moscow for the surgery.  Here are Natasha with her whole family, including Dad (Misha) and Mom (Olga).


We have committed to providing these funds to the family so if you are thinking of making a donation, please do it now.  Thank you to everyone who has helped out with donations and spreading the word.  Please share this post!

CLICK HERE to Help Natasha

Eric McKenzie for
Dave Shaw
Director of Humanitarian Aid