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Life Saving Surgery Within Reach!

We are so excited with the response to help this little girl!  So far (including direct donations) we have raised $13,635 leaving us just under $5,000 to go to reach our goal of $18,500 to send Natasha to Moscow to have a brain tumour removed.  We are very anxious to get this money sent off to the family so if you are thinking of making a donation, please don’t wait.

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Here is Natasha (right) with her brother Matvei (6 years old ) and her baby sister Tanya.


We are not only appreciative of the members of our community but extremely proud of our youth!  Corbin Evans, who is in Grade 6 at Vanier PS, has been doing a bottle drive all weekend as well as Continue reading

Saving 9 year old Natasha’s Life!

Natasha urgently requires life saving surgery to remove a brain tumour.

Natasha was so excited to come to Canada for 5 weeks this past summer as part of our “Relief from Radiation” program.  She had an amazing time with her host family here in Brockville, Ontario.  After returning home Natasha began suffering from pain and following intense medical diagnosis, Doctors discovered a tumour in her brain.  When Natasha was diagnosed the only possible option for her treatment within Belarus was basic radiation therapy as the tumour is very deep and the surgery is too complex to be carried out in Belarus.


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However, radiation is not the right solution as it can only try to reduce the size of the tumour.  Natasha’s Mom and Dad sent her medical records to several clinics to ask for help. They were contacted by a renowned neurosurgeon from the Research Institute of Neurosurgery in Moscow, the world’s largest neurosurgical clinic. He did not agree Continue reading