Fun, Furniture and Friendships!

This morning we held the Rotary Club “Day of the Angel” party to celebrate the birthdays of the children in the “Organization for Families with Invalid Children”.  The Brockville area Rotary Clubs sponsor this party as well as support families in the program.  Here are Rotarian Michelle Peters along with Jennifer Evans and Irina Denisyenko preparing to give out birthday presents to the children.  Irina heads up the organization and was last years recipient of Rotary’s Paul Harris  Fellowship award.


The party is a favourite with the Canadian delegates where there are lots of games for the children and the Canadians are asked to participate as well, it is a lot of fun and laughter.  Here Chantal (with cat ears on) helps the “kittens” crawl through a tunnel.


Several of the Canadians taking a train ride around the restaurant.


Here the children are taking turns playing “Whack-A-Mole” with adult targets!


This little girl had memorized a beautiful poem and sang us a song.


This is Ira, she is a diabetic who came to Brockville 3 years ago for medical treatment.  She has been competing in singing competions and just recently won the right to complete at the national level in Minsk!  What a beautiful voice.


Two little cuties are dancing to the music, oblivious to everyone else around them.


Dave congratulated the children on their birthdays and thanked Irina for the wonderful party.


Here is our Canadian delegation after receiving gifts from the children and their parents.


This is a wonderful organization that does so much for these children and their families.  They have helped to develop confidence and self-esteem as well as provide support, encouragement and a purpose for the children.

In the afternoon, Pat, Colin and I went to visit a family in Chausy and help them build some new furniture that we had delivered from Canada.  A year and a half ago, Sasha at 28 years old, suffered a stroke that left him unable to work and support his family.  Their living conditions were extremely difficult and very rural.  Thanks to the generosity of Heather Howard as well as Jeff & Leanne Butler we were able to purchase them a house in Chausy and we will be renovating and furnishing it as well.  Donations from Mary Bernard and her friends provided food and necessary household items.

Here are Pat and Sasha working on assembling a dining room chair.


Here is the whole family together at their new dining room table and chairs. Marina with 3 month old Yaraslav, Sasha and their daughter Violetta.


I do not have words to express how appreciative this family is for the help that we have been able to provide.  After spending a few hours with them it is very clear that they are a very close and loving family.  While having “tea”, which always comes with food, Pat asked Sasha if he married Marina because she was beautiful or because she is a great cook.  Sasha replied that he married her because she is beautiful and the love of his life!

Yesterday after the Canadians had delivered a load of boxes from Canada, Sasha grabbed Dave and gave him a great hug, with tears in his eyes and an obvious wish to say more, he just shook his head and managed “balshoi spaseba” (thank you very much) … not another word was necessary!

Eric McKenzie

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  1. Elizabeth Stromberg

    So heartwarming. If you do not have words to express the family’s appreciation, then equally I have no words to express my admiration for the wonderful work you all do.

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