Easter in Belarus

It was 20 degrees C and sunny here today with a nice breeze blowing.  Unfortunately we still do not have permission to deliver so after some time spent organizing boxes in the gym and making sure everything was ready a few of us went to Mogilev for a little tour.  Since this is Orthodox Easter weekend, most of our drivers, interpreters and families are celebrating and spending time with family, so it became a bit of a free day.

Here is picture of the new Orthodox church in Mogilev taken yesterday afternoon.  There is a line up of hundreds of people waiting to be blessed by the priest for Easter.


We walked down a beautiful shopping street that is closed to cars (a walking street) and enjoyed the day.  Here is a central square with a statue of a wizard and a view back up the street.


This statue is on the front steps of the Mogilev Theatre.

14288519790315and here is the theatre itself.


There were lots of people out enjoying the sunshine.  Here a young family takes a kite out for fly.


At the end of the street and overlooking the Dneiper River is a huge square and war memorial.  A small group of soldiers was practicing their marching in the square, possibly in preparation for upcoming celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War (WW2) on May the 9th.


In my host families home, just like most others, special bread was baked yesterday for delivery and sharing with family and friends to celebrate today.


Today was a celebration of family and friends and it was a real joy to share this with our Belarusian family!

Eric McKenzie


2 thoughts on “Easter in Belarus

  1. Spencer Moreau

    Wonderful pictures Eric, and insightful information into what is happening in the region as well as the hospitals, schools, & orphanage. It’s nice to be able to follow the journey along & witness pictures of all the people there helping!!

    Spence Moreau

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