So Long to Summer!

Well it seems like the weather agrees, when our summer children depart it feels like summer is over!  The past 5 weeks have flown by and today we bid a sad farewell to our Belarusian visitors.  Here they are waving goodbye and saying “Spasiba” (thank you) for the wonderful time.



There was a lot of fun this summer with trips to Wonderland, BBQ’s, our Gala Dinner and Charity Auction and of course lots of family time and fun.

Here are 4 of the little girls waiting in the airport in Ottawa to start their journey home to Chausy, Belarus:


Hosting is such a rewarding experience for all of us and also an amazing opportunity for these children to have an international experience.  But all of this is just window dressing on the real reason that these children come to Canada and that is to get respite from the radiation that they live in everyday.  This break gives their immune system a chance to bounce back, it improves their health and gives them a real shot at a long and healthy life!  It is an invisible threat that they live with everyday at home, and it is the invisible benefit that will have the real lasting impact.  Let’s not forget that!  Are you ready to host next summer?  Contact us to find out how.

Eric McKenzie


2 thoughts on “So Long to Summer!

  1. Paddy Yuille

    Yes it is certain that first and foremost it gets each and every one of them out of and away from the radiation they are subjected to each and every day. It is known that it boosts their immune system and the benefits that come with that to their health. I try always to be mindful of the trust the Belarusian Government officials, the orphanage staff and teachers and the parents of some of these children place in our hands and in our efforts to bring what we hope will be a better life for these young quests to our country and our homes and families. As much as it benefits them, count up the ways it has benefitted us as host parents and families…………….you’ll be awhile doing it.

    Love, Paddy.

  2. Margie McKenzie

    Love the hats! It was so great to see Marina and Miron again. Safe journey

    ~ until next summer!

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