Aid On Its Way to Belarus!

We had some great volunteers out over the past few days and we managed to get both of our containers loaded and on their way to Belarus. These are container numbers 124 and 125 shipped since 1998 with a total value in excess of $30 million to date! Here you see some of our volunteers with a completed container:


Although they are loaded and on their way, we are still in need of donations to make up a shortfall in a few areas. We need:

– $1,000 to cover the balance of the cost of the food boxes
– $3,500 to cover the very important Social Workshop for children with disabilities
– $15,000 to cover a shortage in our general humanitarian initiatives

Click here to see all of our initiatives for this year.

Donating is as easy as clicking on the “Donate Now” button on the right side of this page or dropping off your donation to Alan Browns in downtown Brockville.

One of the changes that we made a few years ago was to ask all of our families to pack using banana boxes and the uniformity makes it so much easier to load the containers as you can see in this picture:


The containers will travel to Montreal where they will be loaded on a ship. They then make their way across the ocean and to the port in Riga, Latvia where they are unloaded and hauled by trucks cross country to Belarus and ultimately the village of Chausy where they will be met by our delegates in late March. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the delivery.

Eric McKenzie