Hospital Renovations are coming to Chausy!

Over the past few years, with the help of Don and Shirley Green, major reconstruction has taken place at the Chausy Hospital to completely renovate the operating room and critical care ward.  But the work doesn’t end there!  Much more work is needed to help bring this Hospital up to an acceptable standard.  Next on the list is the Sterilization room as well as the ER Entrance and Emergency Rooms.  Here is a picture of the current sterilization room:

DSC00026and the floor beneath these sinks.

DSC00027This past September, after many meetings with the Mayor, Dave Shaw was able to come away with a signed agreement forming a partnership between the “Don and Shirley Green Family Foundation”, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl and the Chausy Administration.  The two year and approximately $80,000 – $100,000 renovation will see the Sterilization room completed in 2014 and the ER entrance and rooms completed in 2015.

Here is a picture of the tub that all incoming patients are bathed in prior to being admitted.  There are two taps on the tub, but they both only deliver cold water!


Many thanks to Don and Shirley Green and their Foundation for making these improvements possible!

Eric McKenzie


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