Please Pass the Pork!

One of our initiatives for the Chausy Orphanage got pushed back into May due to weather conditions.  Here is a report on that initiative submitted by David and Margaret Campbell, our good friends in Ridgetown, Ontario.  They are an amazing couple who work tirelessly for our charity and have received a lot of support from their local community.


In the fall of 2012, discussions were held with Oleg, the Director at the Chausy Orphanage, regarding the possibility of expanding our agriculture program to include raising pigs.  In December of 2012, David Campbell of Ridgetown agreed to spearhead this project.  A local Ridgetown family financially supported this vision.

In March 2013, David and Margaret Campbell were part of the spring delegation.  The proposed ‘pig barn’ site was covered with snow and there was a foot of frost in the ground.


In May of 2013, David, along with Ed Grady of Brockville, returned to the Chausy Orphanage hoping to start and finish the building of the pig barn.  A gravel base was placed and the cement pad was poured.


Forms that had been fabricated in Brockville and shipped in March as part of the CAC shipment, were erected and a bucket brigade poured the walls.


The project took longer than anticipated due to rainy weather.  David extended his stay to finish the barn. Arcady, who works at the Orphanage, dedicated a lot of his time and effort to help with the project.


The barn will house up to 12 pigs with a separate feed and storage area.


The barn will be in operation soon.  Oleg and the students were excited to see the finished barn.  Money was left to purchase feed and pigs.


When we visit again in September, we’ll be eager to see the barn in operation.

David and Margaret Campbell


What a great project!  This now means that on top of the potatoes and other vegetables, and the eggs and chickens from the poultry barn there will now be a supply of pork!  This ongoing agricultural project not only means no hungry children at the Chausy Orphanage, but also provides training opportunities that will give some of these children a head start if they decide on agriculture as a future.  It is also one more stone in the foundation that helps ensure that this is an ongoing and viable home for these children in desperate need of a safe place to call home!

Eric McKenzie


5 thoughts on “Please Pass the Pork!

  1. Pat

    More protein, stronger diet – stronger kids(ie: hockey players – dancers – drummers and musicians) it’s
    all ………lllllllllllllll good. Larissa will also have more to work with in the kitchen now too! I think before long that one section of the Orphanage grounds is gonna start lookin’ like Kemptville, Cheers to Margaret, David, Ed and Arcady and the kids who pitched in too.

    Just hope they don’t give the pigs any names………..makes them harder to eat??????

    Paddy P.S. I’ll try and work on a poem?

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