More Music, an Orphanage Tour and Vika Update

Last evening our musicians put on a short informal concert for the kids for the kids and it was a huge success.  The children were so impressed and they treated the boys like rock stars!  This morning they got started with their music clinics.  Their schedule is to hold lessons from 9 – 11 am and 1 – 3 pm each day and then in the evening from 6:30 – 8:00 they have a jam session where all of the kids can participate, sing, dance or just hang out and listen.  The children are  so enthusiastic and it seems that this project is going to be a tremendous success!

Here Chad works with one of the boys while another looks on waiting his turn.


David is working with several of the boys who want to learn guitar.


Here Neil Matheson joins in the fun.


After this mornings session some of the delegates were taken on a tour of the orphanage.  Here is part of one of the girls rooms.  There are 4 – 6 per room and all of the furniture was replaced by us a few years ago.


This is the dining hall where the children eat.


Here our interpreter Katya explains the menu board to Mike and Stephen.  They list not only the food that the children will be eating but also the nutritional values.


This is a peak into the kitchen where Larissa has started making tonight’s dinner.


In the school building we found a new board where they are posting pictures and information.  It is designed with clear plastic pockets so that it can be updated regularly.  We found pictures here showing the children on camping and cycling outings from last summer using the equipment that we provided, as well as pictures of children’s success and lots of just plain fun pictures!


We were also shown the shops where the boys are taught some basic wood and metal-working.


The 7th grade class had a couple of extra students today!


Cathy and Byron Boone spent part of the day in the nearby village of Barashevka where they met with the family of a child that they hosted.  On the way there they happened upon the parents of Anna, the girl who we are renovating the apartment for.  They were driving a horse and wagon bringing hay home to feed their horse.  They live on a collective farm near Barashevka and are both retired.  They have a very hard time making ends meet on the small pension that they receive so they are extremely appreciative of everything that we are doing for Anna and their Grandson Sergei.  Here is Cathy posing with them.


The movie theatre outing with Vika was so successful the other day that Dave convinced her to go to Mogilev once more but on a shopping trip.  Here she is with Dave and Natasha, posing with her new jeans, coat and scarf.


After shopping they went to a restaurant and had pizza.  Dave said the change in Vika this week has been amazing, by the end of the day she was joking and laughing and clearly having a wonderful time.


This has been a real confidence booster for Vika and has really motivated her to continue working hard push herself far beyond her comfort zone.  The change from a year ago is truly remarkable!

3 thoughts on “More Music, an Orphanage Tour and Vika Update

  1. Marla Ferguson

    It is wonderful to see these pictures of Vika. She is such a motivated and dedicated young lady. Wish I could be there to see this myself!

  2. R. Patricia Capitain

    Vika looks so fashionable. I love her glasses.
    About that kitchen? I wish mine looked as tidy!
    Weather isn’t much better here today: hail, rain, snow and high winds – lots of white caps on the river.
    Hope you found a few Easter eggs. Or is it an orthodox Easter in Belarus?
    Keep well

  3. Lisa

    Great pictures! Thanks. Glad to see that Neil Matheson is enjoying sharing his musical abilities!! Vika, you look beautiful!

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