Getting Started and Getting Organized!

Unfortunately our containers are running behind schedule due to a delay in Canada and a second in Germany.  Right now we are being told that they will not show up until next Wednesday!  This is concerning news for our delivery but it gives us plenty of time to get all of he other details worked out.

Yesterday we had a meeting with the administrators of our Dream Mountains Crisis Centre for Woman and Children.  We reviewed how things have been working and what things needed to be finished.  Here, Tatiana from Social Services, presents Dave with a good luck tree in appreciation for the work that has been done.


Afterwards we went to Mogilev and purchased a shower, a clothes washer and a water heater for the Crisis Centre.  Here Dave, Jon and Natasha look at one of the shower units in a brand new store that just opened in Mogilev.  It is very much like our Home Depot.


We also stopped by the apartment that we will be renovating for a young mother, Anna, and her son Sergei.  Anna and a few helpers have completely gutted the apartment in preparation for the renovations.  They pulled up the flooring and will be pouring cement this Saturday.  Also the walls have all been stripped and Anna herself has moved cement walls and one doorway!  We are so pleased with her enthusiasm and appreciation of this opportunity!


Stephen MacKinnon has already started working with the children on a video.  They decided to do a music video and are busy recording the song first before shooting the video.  Here Kristina and Artyom are singing while the music teacher Veronique looks on.


Here are some of the other girls who will be working on the video as well.


My daughter Maggie is here for this trip and she spent the day with Stephen and the kids working on the video.  She got some great pictures of the kids at the orphanage.   Here is one taken during the filming of the video.


Here are some of the boys on cross country skis and playing in the snow.



The rest of the delegates will be arriving between now and Sunday, so we will have plenty of help with the apartment as well as with the children’s music program and video projects at the orphanage.

Eric McKenzie

3 thoughts on “Getting Started and Getting Organized!

    1. Anne Zarnke

      Wow! Good luck Colin with everything you will have to deal with there. What an incredible opportunity to help mankind. I wish I could be there helping too. The hockey girls will be here tonight for a stay awakeover. ha! See you when you come home. Anne and family (and Easton) woof!

  1. Kate

    All the pictures are wonderful, but LOVE the angel! Thanks for bringing us up to date, and keep posting!

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