Respite from Radiation / Aeroplan Miles Drive Underway!

Attention CAC donors and supporters, our campaign to raise Aeroplan Miles to bring 4 children, currently living at the Chausy Orphanage in Belarus, to Canada for respite during the summer of 2013 is underway.  The campaign ends November 30th, until then you will be able to donate Aeroplan Miles to help us reach our goal of 300,000 miles.  This will cover the flights for 4 children to come to Canada for 5 weeks, giving them a break from the effects of living in a region still impacted by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.  It has been shown that fresh air and healthy food will have a dramatic effect on their future health.  These children will also have an opportunity to experience living in a loving family environment, something they do not have living in an institutional setting.  So be generous and help us reach our goal!

Click here to go to the Aeroplan site and donate a few Aeroplan miles!

Thanks for your support,

Eric McKenzie