Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Unloading the Containers

While Dave and Natasha were in Mogilev working on getting approval to unload the containers into our bonded warehouse, Jon, Nina, myself and our drivers went over to prepare the warehouse.  We were worried that the boxes would get wet sitting on the cement and we were told that we could borrow some pallets for this purpose.  However, when we tried to use the pallets we were told that this was not possible as they were needed for something else.

Nina made a couple of quick phone calls and sourced some pallets from a farm cooperative that she is working for.  Not only did they loan us the pallets, but they helped us load them and delivered them to us with one of their tractors and wagons!  Nina is amazingly resourceful, a natural problem solver, and an amazing asset to our organization in Belarus.  Here are the guys finishing loading the pallets:

We decided to arrange them in rows that we could Continue reading