I’ve Finally Arrived!

After a very extended trip, I finally arrived in Chausy at 5:00 this morning, so 36 hours after I climbed out of my bed in Brockville, I climbed back into one at my host families in Chausy.  Four hours later we were up, fed and on our way to meet the rest of the delegation at the Orphanage.  On the walk over I snapped this picture to show you the conditions.

Still lots of snow and mud.  It was cold today, below zero with a strong wind blowing.  I am sure I would have been much warmer if I had access to my suitcase that disappeared in transit!  It is supposed to show up this evening.

Here, 4 of our interpreters help out with our registration forms.  It is imperative that everyone register at the police station within 3 days of arrival so that the government knows where you are (and collects some money as well).  From left to right are Vika, Masha, Katia and Tanya.

A couple of our drivers have replaced their vehicles, and it seems all with more economical versions!  Space was a little tight today so we tossed Dan in the trunk to make room up front!

Around noon today our first two containers arrived, one at the Chausy Orphanage and one at School #1.  Here the customs inspector checks the tag number prior to opening the container.

Meanwhile at School #1 the unloading had begun.  The customs officers were very helpful and cooperative reviewing the inventory and comparing it to our lists.

The container at the School had product on it for the local organization for the families of invalid children, Chausy Social Service, Chausy Orphanage, Mogilev Orphanage for Girls as well as firefighting equipment collected, packaged and shipped by our FireFighters.  Here you can see Jon, Liz, Vika and Dan carrying the ladders out of the container.

Back at the orphanage the container was unloaded.  It contained only items destined for the Orphanage, but mostly it had the dismantled Poultry Barn.  Here Pat is holding up the last remaining walls while he waits for everyone to return for the next load.

Here is a group carrying in one of the larger walls.

Everything in the containers has been put into bond at it’s destination.  We cannot remove any of it until it is released and we are hoping that this will be completed before this weekend as we will have a lot of work to do when it happens.

Eric  McKenzie

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  1. Jim Boone

    Looks good Eric you must be ready for a nap after that day? Hope all goes well rest of the week.

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