2011 Initiatives – What a Dream Can Do!

It’s that time of year … to share our initiatives and projects to help our friends in Belarus in 2011.  It’s time to show them “What a Dream Can Do!” and you choose what you can do, to help that dream come true!  These are tremendous projects that will make wonderful long-term changes in people’s lives and you can be a part of it.  Please read through our initiatives and when one of them rings true for you, just click on the “donate now” button and help to make that dream a reality.  There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of money to be raised but we cannot do it without your help.  Remember we are a grass roots organization that is 100% volunteer driven.  We deliver every package and aid parcel by hand and because we are a volunteer charity we can do it with overhead of less than 3%, so virtually every dollar donated makes it to where YOU intend it to go.  Not many organizations can deliver that kind of value and give you a tax receipt for your donation as well.  So read on, and pick where you want to help!

Thanks everyone,

Eric McKenzie
President / Communication
Canadian Aid for Chernobyl

On behalf of:

Dave Shaw
Director of Humanitarian Aid
Canadian Aid for Chernobyl


We have many dreams, but they all have to get to Belarus!  CAC will limit our aid shipment to 3 transport containers of aid this spring. The containers will consist of food for a targeted 800 families including seniors on small pensions and impoverished families and families with disabled children. In addition, we hope to raise enough funds for hygiene products for impoverished families, orphans, abused / neglected children, disabled children and adults. Also 1200 shoes boxes for seniors, hand made quilts, some clothing and annual supplies of hygiene products for 5 orphanages. One container will be dedicated to ship our chicken barn and 15 new mountain bikes for the Chausy Orphanage.

$20,700 needed (Overseas and inland shipping)

Food Boxes

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl has launched our 10th annual food box drive; providing 60lbs of staple food products to seniors on minimal pensions, single mothers or families on social assistance, families with invalid children. Last year, we hand delivered 800 food boxes.

These boxes are genuinely appreciated and will be hand delivered in early April when families’ preservatives are depleted.

We hope to provide food to more than 800 families!

$40,000 needed

Family Boxes

In addition to the food boxes, CAC delegates will deliver more than 400 humanitarian boxes from Canadian families to families living in the contaminated regions. In the past, families throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes have sent parcels through CAC for safe distribution.

Orphanage Initiatives:

Chausy Orphanage

In September 2008, CAC negotiated an agreement with the Mogilev Regional Department of Education to provide the materials necessary to expand or reconstruct the Chausy Orphanage dormitory to accommodate the graduating children: allowing them the opportunity to remain living in the orphanage after grade 9.

CAC is proud to inform that 29 kids have continued to live, sleep and enjoy all the extra programs and equipment that are now available within the orphanage and have been successfully integrated into school #1  for the completion of grades 10 and 11.

This has proven to help dramatically reduce the high rate of pregnancies, crimes and suicides that is common after departure of their orphanage home and relocation of continued studies or trades. This is a satellite project not currently offered within the Republic.

CAC has numerous on going commitments that require financial support including our music program, biathlon training, hockey, sewing, computers and our most exciting Preparatory Home for Family Living! These programs are designed to strengthen the self –esteem and character of each child living in the orphanage! These children are abandoned and abused children that when their negative energy and interests are channeled through positive opportunity programs such as these, their self-confidence and self-respect improve dramatically!
5 years ago we witnessed more suicides per year than there were university bound children graduating!
May 2010- 14 orphan kids graduated with honors and all received full University and College Scholarships … this is a program that works!

$15,000 needed

Chausy Orphanage Website

After nearly 2 years of waiting, the Chausy Orphanage is now connected to high speed internet. In September 2010, CAC introduced the children to the worldwide web and created the first webpage for an orphanage in the Republic featuring life at an Orphanage and promoting and recognizing the achievements of individual kids and the orphanage itself.
This initiative is designed to continue our efforts in building self-esteem and stronger character in every child. The site will feature all CAC’s Canadian partners and all initiatives, the orphanages successes, current events, student awards, and feature student of the week etc. CAC Director Stephen MacKinnon heads up this initiative. Steve, through the Upper Canada School Board has received international awards in this area before!!

$2,000 Needed

Malcomson Home for Family Living

In September 2008, CAC initiated an agreement between the Department of Education, the Chausy Orphanage, the Department of Humanitarian Aid and CAC  to construct a house on the orphanage property. This “home” is now complete and provides the opportunity for orphaned and abused children to experience family life and develop skills in family structure and finance. They learn to purchase and prepare meals, care for a home, do their laundry and enjoy life as a family. The house will sleep 6 students and one supervisor. The kids will prepare a kitchen garden each spring for food supplement and to preserve for winter. It is also used as an incentive for kids to earn a weekend with their friends for good behavior, for excelling in their studies and/or for contributing to daily chores within the orphanage.

Until now, the graduating kids leave the orphanage with no family skills or any understanding of money management, or healthy family environment or even food preparation.
CAC has received numerous letters from the children who enjoy the house and are deeply motivated to strive for a better future and have enjoyed a positive taste for family living

$5,000 needed for up keep and a family expense budget

Chausy Orphanage Wish list

Hockey has now become part of everyday life for the children. They train everyday for 2 hrs (1 hour AM and 1 hour PM) year round. It has provided a focus for kids to strive for; many kids sent to the orphanage have psychological and serious emotional problems. Thank you – Malcomson Family! We now have a request to expand our hockey program to include the junior kids!

Junior boys skates sizes 38  to 42 (8)
Senior boys skates sizes 40 (8) to 45 (11)  core sizes 8.5 & 9
Right hand hockey sticks (new)
Hockey tape
Skate laces
DVD or CD of hockey plays & training
NHL Official Jerseys for display
Team travel jackets (Meteors)
Helmet visors
Running shoes
Woodworking tools
Sport mats
Soccer balls
Drum Set
15 Mountain Bikes

$8,000 needed

To be purchased in Belarus

School supplies
Printer cartridges
Internet support
Educational Books
School uniforms

$1,000 needed

Chausy Orphanage Agricultural Program

Not so many years ago in early spring, CAC would receive an urgent request from the Director of the Chausy Orphanage that food supplies had run out and they needed emergency funds for food for the children. Four years ago we introduced our Agricultural Program and on this past October 4th and 5th the children of the orphanage proudly sold their SURPLUS vegetable harvest at the Autumn Harvest Festival in Mogilev, raising $400USD. These funds will help to purchase additional fruit for the kids! NO MORE HUNGRY CHILDREN! Thank you David and Margaret Campbell for your dedication and efforts!

Poultry Barn

In our continuing efforts to broaden our agricultural program, CAC is now planning to introduce poultry. The children will learn how to raise, feed and care for both laying and meat birds, under the direction of Helen-Ann Hudson of Burnbrae Farms. Blueprint drawings have been approved by the Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture in Belarus and construction is now underway by contractor Mike Lasalle. Mike has generously donated his time and his crews time. CAC has to raise the cost of materials only! Burnbrae arranged for the donation of the cages by their supplier, Clark Ag Systems and Canarm has donated the exhaust fans! The barn and equipment will be shipped in our containers. Helen Ann Hudson and David Campbell will oversee this initiative.

$16,000 needed

Chausy Orphanage

Chausy Orphanage received a one-year supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet tissue, feminine pads, bar soap, shampoo and a $1000 emergency fund.

$3,000 needed

Orphanage Library Books

Over the last 6 years, CAC has partnered with a number of elementary schools in Leeds and Grenville, providing orphanages with several thousand new hard cover books for education and personal enjoyment. Once again, schools within the Upper Canada School Board will try to raise $3,000 to purchase additional books. Since this program was initiated, 3 of the orphanages have been recognized by the Provincial Department of Education as the top educational facilities within the province. Spearheaded by Neil Matheson

$3,000 needed

Mogilev Orphanage for Girls

Mogilev Orphanage received a one-year supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet tissue, feminine pads, bar soap, shampoo and a $1,000 emergency fund.

$3,000 needed

Mistishlavel Orphanage

Mistishlavel Orphanage received a one-year supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet tissue, feminine pads, bar soap, shampoo and a $1,000 emergency fund.

$3,000 needed

Passenger Van

There has been a request for financial assistance from our trusted partners in Belarus: Hope for the Future.  Every week, Hope for the Future sends a passenger van to the remote areas of Belarus, picking up medically ill children and orphaned children to transport them to Minsk for medical treatment, competitions etc. Their present passenger van is more than 20 years old and is constantly in state of disrepair.

It is my hope that we can raise enough funds to purchase a newer passenger van for our partners. Their work is most honorable and our work cannot be achieved without their help and expertise. We have been trusted partners since 1998!

$16,000 needed

Orphan Education Program

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl currently has 43 orphan (status) students sponsored by Canadian families. We have 17 orphan students now eligible for our Education Program. We are in need of sponsors at the $500 and $1,000 sponsorship levels. The donation assists in purchasing school supplies and dramatically improves the quality of life, living conditions and offers communication with the student.
All sponsors have the opportunity of corresponding with their student.

8 sponsors needed

Invalid Children

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl has once again partnered with the Rotary Clubs of Brockville and families with disabled children: providing a medical fund of $5000 to be used for medicines, medical supplies, surgery or improvement to quality of life.
There are 130 families with invalid children registered and all receive food.

$5,000 Rotary

Mini Van

CAC successfully raised about $13,000 USD to purchase a mini van for the organization of Invalid Children. This has now made it possible for many children living in the rural areas the opportunity to attend the daycare/learning care facility in Chausy. It will give the children the opportunity to do crafts and socialize and provide the parent the time to find employment. This is a win/win situation.

$5,000 operating budget needed

CAC has agreed to support the 2 Invalid care facilities in Chausy. One is for toddlers to 17 years and the newest is 18 – 35 years. CAC will only support these facilities with supplies targeted to the interests of each student. NO office equipment or monetary donations will be given. It is our feeling that this remains the responsibility of the Chausy Administration.

$1,500 needed

Office and storage area

CAC has agreed to continue our financial support to the Organization of Invalid Children to allow them to operate from an office and small storage room. CAC pays for the rent, electrical and heat.

$2,000 needed

Fire Equipment

CAC is pleased that our CAC firefighters have been working hard to acquire additional equipment to compliment what was sent in March 2010 to Mogilev and Chausy Fire departments.

Dream Mountain Crisis Center for Women and Children

75% of all children living in orphanages are children that have been removed from homes with parental rights taken away because of alcoholism, neglect and abuse

CAC’s future vision is to construct the Republics first “Interval House” (Safe House) for abused women and children! With the high rate of domestic violence caused by excessive alcoholism coupled with a bleak future the need is desperate!

In September 2010, CAC introduced this concept with Chausy Authorities has successfully negotiated a partnership agreement, an excellent location (across from the Chausy Police Department) and staffing. The staffing will include an on premise psychologist, social workers and supervisor! CAC will provide the furnishings, clothing and toiletries on an annual basis.

CAC is pleased to announce that Shawn Dawson and his Dream Mountains Foundation and 3 Brockvillian’s that make up part of his “Dream Team” will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa this Spring, and by donating $5,000 each through their sponsors, they will providing the first $20,000 towards the construction of this house! Shawn has also made a commitment for 2012! To recognize Shawn for his generosity the home will be named the Dream Mountain Crisis Center for Women and Children!

$45,000 project

Total Fund Raising Initiative $194,200

This is where you come in!  Please give generously, we cannot do this without your help.
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