Radio Canada International Coverage

I was recently interviewed by Lina Gavrilova from Radio Canada International who contacted me today to let me know that the story had aired today.  She also sent me an mp3 copy of the interview which I will include here.  Lina not only spoke with me, but also with Tracy Yuille (one of our host parents), Svetlana Simenova (from our partner organization, Hope for the Future, in Belarus and even to one of our host children, Kristina Barsukova!  She was very thorough and got the story right.  I felt it important to share this with all of you as it really does cover all aspects of the situation. (click on the play button to listen)

[qt:/home/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/RCI_Lina_Gavrilova_Belarus_children_July_2_09.mp3 320]


Here is a picture of Kristina and me at her home in Belarus taken this past spring.

Yes, we really miss her at our house this summer!

Eric McKenzie

2 thoughts on “Radio Canada International Coverage

  1. vika

    that was a good radio talk….but still sad….i still havent called my lil sis since i knew she was excited to come over and since i told her that she is coming almost for sure. im too scared to call. i hope someone else told Vlada. Eric, im going to try to go with Dave to Belarus in September. Dave and my dad are helping me to figure this out.

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