Chausy Orphanage – Malcomson Home Update

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, one of the most exciting initiatives that we have on the go right now is the “Malcomson Home for Family Living” being built at the Chausy Orphanage.  I received an e-mail today from one of our interpreters in Chausy (Nina Koltunova) which included some pictures of the progress being made.  This is very rewarding to see that they are right on schedule.  The money for the construction was donated by the Malcomson family of Kanata and as you can see in these pictures it is being put to good use.  I am going to post both pictures that I took in April along with the ones taken today to show you the progress.

Here is a before shot taken from the middle of the field between the main buildings:

Here it is now from the same side:

This is from the dormitory end of the building:

Here you can see how they increased the pitch of the roof to accommodate the second floor bedroom, and added the main entrance:

The backside before:

and today:

This picture is taken looking across the grass from near the entrance to the dormitory:

This picture taken from the same area shows the new apple trees that have been planted as well:

This home will give the children the opportunity to find out what it is like to live in a family environment as well as learn valuable domestic skills.  Being raised in an orphanage they have their meals prepared and served as well as clothes washed etc.  Here they will have an opportunity to learn to meal plan, buy groceries, prepare, serve and clean up after meals, do their own laundry and clean up after themselves.  Of course they will also get to relax, play games and enjoy time as a family.  What an amazing project!  As I mentioned above, the funding is in place for the construction but now we need to raise $10,000 to furnish the home.  Dave Shaw is going to Belarus at the beginning of September and hopes to have the money raised to complete the project and formally kick off the project and see the first occupants enjoying the home.

If you would like to help with this project click on the “Donate Now” button on the right hand side of this page and select “Orphanage Reconstruction” on the CanadaHelps Website.  You can also click on the  “What Can You Do?” link at the top left side of this page for more options.

I promise to have more updates when this project is completed!

Eric McKenzie

6 thoughts on “Chausy Orphanage – Malcomson Home Update

  1. Trev

    I wounder if they put a roof flag up once the roof was on ? Its customary around meany parts of the world and is suppose to bring good luck as well as make the owner buy the builders some booze to drink and nibbles 🙂

  2. Trev

    Its looking pretty flash 🙂 I like the color of the roof. Cant wait to see what the inside will look like, Hope they take some snaps at the framing stage etc as well. Awesome transformation from the old 🙂

  3. Tim

    They are doing a great job. I would not have recognized that building. We had one of the fire trucks parked right beside that building this spring !

    It looks great !

  4. Annis

    It is so great to see the progress of this most worthwile project. The transformation is unbelieveable & they must be so excited after watching this take form over the past months. Another JOB WELL DONE.

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