Judo Mats for Chausy Orphanage

Last fall, Wray Axworthy traveled to Belarus with Canadian Aid for Chernobyl and while there he found a connection with the children at the Chausy Orphanage.  Wray has been involved for many years in the martial arts community and discovered a need for proper judo mats.  Here is a picture showing Wray talking with Vitalli (orphanage director) and a translator about the mats.  On the left is a close up of the tarp covered foam they are currently using.

Here is Vitalli shown with some of the donated equipment currently in use in the gym which was renovated through funds provided by CAC as well as by an award won by one of the students at the orphanage in literature.

Wray has calculated that it will cost approximately $3,500 to buy the necessary mats and in order to raise the funds has created a “Giving Page” on the CanadaHelps website.  This way he can send this link out to all of his friends in the martial arts community (and ask them to forward it on) who can click on the link and make a donation directly on line.  Click here for a look at Wray’s “Giving Page”.

This “Giving Page” tool can be used by anyone to help raise money for charity.  For example if a CAC member family was holding a party, they could send out e-mail invitations and ask that instead of bringing a hostess gift to click on the link and make a donation to CAC on their own giving page.  This could also be done for weddings, birthdays or for a host family to raise funds to bring a child for summer respite.  The possibilities are almost endless!  All you have to do to set up your own “Giving Page” is to go to the Canada Helps website,  click “create a giving page” and register (it is free) click here to try.  If you do create one, please send me an e-mail and let me know so we can help spread the word.

Ken Sine, our lead firefighter in our Firetruck initiative has also setup a “Giving Page” to help raise funds for the freight costs to deliver the trucks to Belarus.  Click here to see Ken’s page.

Remember it is by spreading the word that we are able to raise the funds necessary to carry on the important initiatives that we do.

Here are a few pictures of the kids at the orphanage that Wray took in the fall.

Eric McKenzie