Social Services Deliveries

Unfortunately I am running late today and only have a few minutes so I will post some pictures but only a little text.

Today we are delivering food boxes to families that have been recommended by Social Services. These are usually people who are in the most dire need. Every family has a story and my interpreter today, Ira is wonderful at finding out and explaining every situation to me.

The trucks arrive and we begin loading the food boxes and Tide. We will have 4 vehicles delivering today.



This woman is an Armenian refugee who lives very remotely with her 3 children. Her husband has moved away and sends money periodically. She still hopes that he may return someday.


This picture was taken in the apartment of a young girl of 18 who has lost both her parents. She now is responsible for her younger brother and sister and now she is pregnant! She has decorated her bedroom using empty cigarette packages and CD’s.


Neil Matheson and Ira are talking to a woman who, like most was very surprised to see us and at first thought that something was wrong.


I love the recycling that goes on here. This is a giant tractor tire that has had one sidewall cut off and the hole plugged on the other. It is now a swimming pool!


More recycling … using the parts from the back of a fridge to scrape off your boots!


This woman lives alone and has someone from Social Services stop in a couple of times a week to draw her water from down the road and to make sure she is alright.


Dave Shaw had put an aquarium in the foyer of the Chausy Orphanage, when we showed up to deliver the fish he held them up to a class window, disrupting the class. The teacher wasn’t very happy … but the kids were thrilled.


Here is the aquarium.


Here are the kids.


Dave made them promise … “No Fishing”!


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  1. Kate Van Dyck


    I find your photos, videos and text so inspiring! In these days of materialism and self-absorption, it is so great what you and your compatriots are doing for the people of Belarus. The scope of Canadian generousity and selflessness is so wonderful!

    Our family is in it’s 5th year of hosting in a Northern Virginia Children of Chernobyl program. We have found it to be a life changing experience, for our children and for us. Last May, I had the opportunity to visit Belarus and the village that ‘our’ 2 children come from. Your video footage so closely reflects the places and faces that I saw, I can’t beleive it is a different side of the country! The mud, the colorful fences and shutters, the smiling children, the generous hospitality and the desperate living conditions- just what I experienced as well. I also had the pleasure of speaking to two graduate classes at the Linguistic University in Minsk. These were college students studying English but our topic of discussion was what the Children of Chernobyl programs have meant to them as children.

    Several of the students had been hosted in other countries and many more had wished they had been able to go. All concluded that it was a good experience that gave them hope for the future and inspired many of them to stay in school, so they could acheive more for their country.

    If your group is ever in the area near Grodnow, we have a young boy who is desperate condition from a car accident this past year. He had visited our area for 2 summers but this last October, was tragically hit by truck as he ran across the street in his small village. He is now a quadraplegic and after spending months in the hospital is now home. We have been trying to help his single mother find medical supplies, such as a wheelchair and other items. We find it very hard to really help since they live in a rural farmhouse that makes communication tough. If your group goes anywhere near Grodnow and might be able to make contact with Dima, we would be so glad to help with what he needs!!

    When I found your website, I was so thrilled to see all of the work your group is doing! I look forward to each posting and have shared the site with a lot of our hosts to show them what you are accomplishing! Go Canada!!

    Take care,
    Kate Van Dyck

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