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A Van for the Chausy Orphanage!

Jennifer Hopson and her Sorority group from Caledon had raised the money for a new mini-bus for the Chausy Orphanage and delivered it herself in March. However, finding the right vehicle at the right price was not a quick project. In July the vehicle was found and delivered much to the delight of the orphanage director, staff and children.

Here is a picture of Jennifer with some of the children from the orphanage:

Jennifer Hopson and part of her fan club!

Here is a note I recieved from Dave Shaw, Director of Humanitarian Aid:

“Great news….our mini bus has been delivered from Germany! In the 3rd photo is Svetlana Simanov (Hope for the Future) passing the keys to Vitaly (Chausy Orphanage Director). Vitaly is excited and could not imagine such a van!


Dave Shaw”

Here are the pictures:


The Van crosses into Belarus!

Vitaly gets the keys!

I wrote to Jennifer and asked her to write up a note as to how this project came about, here is her note … this is a great example of caring people reaching out and helping:

“My story is as follows:
Five years ago this summer, Kristi U’ren brought two orphans to the Rotary dinner meeting as they were staying at Leisure Time Campgrounds owned by Bill Jay, one of the Rotarians. When he met them, he invited them to the Club to tell their story. As it was Bob’s Birthday, Vicha (who sang at the CAC Reception last summer) sang Happy Birthday to Bob in Russian. Later that week, I told him that I had to do something for these children.

I belong to a woman’s Sorority, Beta Sigma Phi which has four Chapters in Bolton. I told them my story and asked them to support me. Only my Chapter was interested, and we decided to have a Valentine’s Dance. The GM of the Glen Eagle Golf Club, Luke Ursa told us that he would support us and it didn’t matter if we had only 50 or 100 people attend. We sold over 100 tickets and had about 75 raffle prizes raising about $4000. The event has always been largely supported by Bob’s Rotary Club. Year two, we added a small silent auction and raised $6,000. Year three, we increased the size of the Silent auction tables and raised $8,000 and also sold about 160 tickets. This past year, we added a live auction with five items: a king size rag quilt which we made, a slot machine, Gourmet dinner made by our Chapter with the Major and Chair of Brampton serving, a mini golf tournament at the Golf Club for 12 people and a boat cruise for four on a private yacht. We made $14,000 with almost 200 tickets sold! We also raised the ticket price to $60 from $50. We have a beautiful four course dinner with a DJ who wows the crowd. We print our own tickets, put flyers around town, write a story for the Caledon Enterprise ( the local paper) and ask each guest three times to please buy a ticket.(haha) This year there were only seven members in our Chapter and a woman who writes an article each week for the paper wrote a story about us after attending the Dance and called us the “Magnificent Seven.” Two new members also joined after attending the Dance. We had Michelle Valberg’s CD playing in the bar area.

When I spoke to Dave after Valentine’s, I asked him what he still wanted to get from his list of initiatives and he said a minibus for the Chausy Orphanage. After five months, they found one in Germany that will enable the children to get to competitions and other outings. We are so happy and I felt that my dream of doing something for these children was realized with the help of some special women!

Having travelled to Belarus this past winter, I can say that it was a trip of a lifetime. The “Canadian Aid for Chernobyl” is a wonderful Grass Roots organization helping hundreds of families and giving hope to children where none previously existed.


Stay tuned as I will be posting an update to the Chausy Orphanage Agriculture Program.