Canada vs Belarus 2007

Well it was Hockey Day in Belarus and the teams were pumped. The Chausy Orphanage team had been practicing all winter and had placed very well in the standings. The Canadian Team was made up of mostly old guys who had not played hockey since 1965 along with some Belarussian drivers standing in as Canadians.

Byron Boone shows how to put on our gear.


Team Belarus


Team Canada


No size advantage here! They still beat us 6 – 4!


Team Photo!


Afterwards all of the kids got to go skating for 2 hours. There was also pop, chips and chocolate bars for everyone.



The happy skaters!


Vitalli said that the children will remember this day for the rest of their lives!

PS: A note to my wife, I think I’m in love … how many do you want???


3 thoughts on “Canada vs Belarus 2007

  1. Tom

    To all of the delagation…..Once again, with the highest level of respect and dignity you have done Canadian Aid for Chernobyl proud. I would however, hope that one day our Canadian Hockey team might be able to find a way to win.
    To all the members of the Chaussy team, I am very proud of your accomplishments and look forward to hearing of all that you are doing, both in your studies and your athletic acheivements.

    Tom Shaw

  2. Rob

    Wow, that’s great Eric…the only other thing that amazes me is that your ankles are actually straight in the picture of you skating 🙂
    Good job…


  3. Carolyn Tripp

    I’m waiting to hear what your wife has to say!!!!!!!
    The orphanage concert pictures did not come through but the video will be fine. I love the work you are doing! Cally

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