Tractor Time!

Well day 2 and the excitement has already begun! We met at the Orphanage this morning and took 3 cars to Mogilev (45 minute drive) to get the new tractor for the orphanage. In Belarus everything has a lot of red tape and waiting attached to it and that includes purchasing a farm tractor! We arrived at the dealership and were waiting while the paperwork was being completed.

Segue here: there is a lot of spring cleaning going on here and the dealership was no exception. This is a picture of a man painting the fence outside.


Here is a shot of the tractor store, notice the only english sign is for a Japanese company!


David and Margaret Campbell from Ridgetown, Ont had worked diligently for a year raising the funds for this tractor and everyone was very excited about it’s arrival. Here is David testing out the cab.


The orphanage Director, Vitalli is very excited about being able to bring an agricultural program to the orphanage as this will give the children one more area of learning that will benefit them greatly in this agricultural community. The orphanage has become an excellent training ground for many vocations including academics, art, music, poetry, athletics and now will add agriculture.

Here is a picture of Vitalli thanking Margaret & David Campbell.



4 thoughts on “Tractor Time!

  1. Statsman

    Keep up the good work Eric………Thanks for keeping up with the pictures…………Can’t wait for the videos

  2. Jim Boone

    Eric nice tractor,they are from Ridgetown use to visit there a few times.Played soccer there against there men’s team.About a half hour from London.Had a great Ag college there too.
    I see the weather is looking better and not a dismal as last year.Have a great day.Jim

  3. Carolyn Tripp

    I can’t believe this is coming from Belarus but hey! what a great idea. No big pileup to catch up on! Keep ’em coming! Cally

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