The Tide is in!

What a productive day, not only did we get the tractor and bring it back to the orphanage but the first container was cleared and arrived. It was loaded from front to back with Tide laundry detergent that had been donated by Procter & Gamble. We had 4 locations to unload and tons of help. The families from the Guardian Angel as well as social services families all showed up. Many hands certainly make light work. We started around 4 PM and were all done by 9:30 PM. We formed up in bucket brigade lines and the boxes were passed along. We unloaded at School #1 in the gym (our base station), Red Cross, the Chausy Hospital and the Chausy Orphanage.

Here are some pictures, the first is the “bucket brigade” at School #1.


The second shows the piles being built in the gym.


This last picture shows Vitalli (the orphanage director) passing a box to one of his students, Zhenya.



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  1. Jim Boone

    Wow you can wash and wash those clothes so Peggy won’t have too.Good ole Tide,could you make a commercial.Wouldn’t that be good for their PR.I hope you are going to be able to start make you drops sooner this year.Have a good day.Jim

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