The Eyes of Hope! – April 6, 2006

This will be my last post for my 2006 trip as I am on my way back to Belarus for this years delivery. I am going to try to post while I am in Belarus so check back regularly to watch for updates.


This was my last day delivering in the Chausy area as I would be heading to Minsk the next day with an early departure the following morning. There were some great moments during the day, but one of the best was when I delivered a new stove to my family. Their old one had only two working burners and a broken oven. I had been given some money by family and friends before leaving Canada and decided that this was the right thing to do with it. I ran into Sveta outside the bank and I had an interpreter with me so I explained what I was planning to do. She told me not to as it was “too much”. I told her that I was going to do it anyway and I sensed that she was very pleased and excited. I exchanged my money at the bank, it cost 520,000 Belarussian Rubles (approximately $200 U.S.) and I got a couple of guys and one of our drivers to help me deliver it. When I arrived home that evening Sasha had it all hooked up (no gas fitters ticket required here) and we celebrated with tea and “harooschee” a sort of donut that Sveta had made on the new stove.

Here is a picture of Sasha and Sveta with the new stove:

The new stove.

Afterwards we walked to Sveta’s parents house behind the bus station, where the big table came out and was covered with food! Sveta’s Grandmother (Baboushka) also lives with her parents. We ate potatoes, hamburger like patties, kielbasa, tomato slices and bread. A little (choot-choot) vodka and of course tea (chai) and cookies. They are really lovely people and once again the old Russian/English dictionary got a good workout!

Sveta's Family

After walking back home in a light rain, Sveta wanted to cook some more so she made some pasta, I told her I was still too full from dinner, but managed to eat another donut with my tea before heading for bed!

Enjoy the video,