Hockey Night in Belarus!

We got to attend a Hockey game in Mogilev with the children still left at the orphanage during March break. We took about 25 in total.


It was amazing to see how the children respond to Vitalli, the Orphanage Director. As we walked up to the Ice Palace the kids were holding his hands, obviously he really connects with the kids.


These little guys were so excited to get to go.


This little guy named Zhenya is just the most affectionate kid. He loves when the Canadians come by and especially when we play games with him. Jennifer Hopson gave him a new frisbee that he carries everywhere. The children were each given a bottle of Coke and an bag of chips … this was exciting stuff!


It was a junior tournament and although the Belarussian goalie was excellent they still lost 16 -1 to a team from Siberia in Russia. They were like a well oiled team that just overwhelmed the Bellarussian team.


I saw some members of the Belarussian team outside in the parking lot and they were laughing and playing around … obviously not too distressed with the loss!

The kids from the Orphanage had a blast and I’m sure were all playing hockey in their dreams later that night.