Extreme Delivery! – April 5, 2006

While eating my breakfast of macaroni with tea, ham and bread, Sasha brought me one of my shoes (it is a pair of Doc Martin’s I have brought as a backup) and shows me where he has repaired it! The cuff at the top had separated from the leather on the side and he had stitched it up for me. I am still wearing them a year later!

At the end of the day I brought Lena, one of our interpreters, home and was able to have a reasonable conversation with Sasha & Sveta. It was great and we covered a lot of topics, the most important was Kristina’s health. I was finally able to explain to them what the Canadian doctors had said and it was a great relief to them to hear that she was fine and would have no long term problems. I also took this opportunity to try to find out what sort of things we could send over to help out … of course they would not tell me anything and asked only what we would like them to send over with Kristina in the summer. It proved to be a stalemate!

Dinner that evening was chicken with rice and vegetables. It appeared that Sveta gave her dinner to Lena as she did not eat!

Enjoy the video,