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Shorewood Families – April 3, 2006

April 3rd, what a great day! This was the day that we would deliver to the “Guardian Angel” families that a group from my work sponsor, but I will leave that for the video.

My day started with fried (in oil) potatoes, ham, bread & peanut butter! My host family does not like peanut butter so they put it on the table for me to eat whenever possible. This was, of course, served with chai in “my” pot. This morning Sasha and Sveta offered me a lunch to take with me. It was 3 small pieces of bread, each with sour cream and a piece of ham. They were packed in a little metal tub with a plastic lid! This was greatly appreciated as we rarely stop for lunch. Most delegates carry baggies with mixed nuts or trail mix and maybe a granola bar or two.

The day ended with a group of the delegates going out for a beer in the local cafe and I was home by 9:15. Had a late supper and then we stayed up and discussed money and cost differences between our countries. Sasha is pretty fascinated with costs and salaries. For example his Father drives a bus in Chausy and makes $175 U.S. per month! It is definitely a different world!

Enjoy the video,