Michelle Valberg’s Photographic Presentation

This video post is a copy of Michelle Valberg‘s photographic presentation. Michelle is an award-winning Canadian photographer who’s work has appeared in several magazines, two self-published books (one a national bestseller) as well as hanging in 24 Sussex Drive. She has lent her talent to many charities and accompanied us on this trip to Belarus. Michelle not only created this presentation, but put together an exhibit of 30 of her photographs (now on display in her gallery) that she is donating to CAC. Her pictures are visually stunning and she manages to capture powerful emotions and feelings. Enjoy this video, but if you get the opportunity to see the originals or the original presentation in full size, please do, as this little screen with lower resolution does not give the full impact.


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2 thoughts on “Michelle Valberg’s Photographic Presentation

  1. Susie McIntosh

    Hi Eric

    I just went through the hole process of all of the pictures and it is amazing. I am so happy with our decision of becoming Sponsors of The Canadian Aid for Chernobyl.
    I am looking forward to going next year.

    Amazing Work!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!

    Susie McIntosh
    North American Int’l Agent

  2. Jim Boonej

    Wow that was amazing Eric.A woman I work with has a child come over every summer and she is checking out your site.She was going to pass it on to all the other people around Cobourg who adopt children from Belarus.

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