Malcomson Home for Family Living

In September 2008, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl initiated an agreement between the Department of Education, the Chausy Orphanage, and the Department of Humanitarian Aid, to construct a “family” house on the orphanage property. This “home” continues to provide the opportunity for orphaned and abused children to experience positive family life and develop skills in family structure and finance.

They learn to purchase and prepare meals, care for a home, do their laundry and enjoy life as a family. The house sleeps 6 students and one supervisor. It is also used as an incentive for kids to earn a weekend with their friends for good behaviour, for excelling in their studies, and for
contributing to daily chores within the orphanage. Until now, the graduating children leave the orphanage with no family skills, no understanding of money management, no healthy family environment nor even food preparation. Thank you to the Malcomson Family.


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