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TVCogeco Interviews with Dave Shaw and Nina Koltunova

Timothy Ross interviewed both Dave Shaw and Nina Koltunova about our work in Belarus for TVCogeco’s show “FYI”.  The first interview is with our Director of Humanitarian Aid, Dave Shaw where they discuss our upcoming 2013 initiatives and spring trip to Belarus.

Also interviewed was Nina Koltunova.  Nina came to Nova Scotia as a child through a Continue reading

Our Friends in Ridgetown, Ontario Come Through Again!

There are lots of preparations under-way for our upcoming trip to Belarus and not all of them are in Brockville!  About 600 kilometers west, in Ridgetown, Ontario, a group of our friends are preparing to bring a load to Brockville to be included in the containers leaving in February.

Back in 2004 CAC Director Neil Matheson spoke to a group in Ridgetown Ontario outlining our work in Belarus, and the members of the Erie Street United Church responded by starting a sock drive.


The word spread and many talented hands got busy.  Since then the program has grown and Continue reading